INDIVIDUAL – joints for individualized orthoses

In Germany orthopaedic technology is seen as a craft that is practised with tradition. Many patients can be treated quickly and suitably with ready-made devices. However, there are also patients with special needs for whom individualized solutions need to be found. in these cases orthopaedic technicians can leverage their skill and expertise to craft orthoses as individual solutions.

No one is S, M, L, XL

No one is S, M, L, XL – this has been our conviction for a long time. People cannot be pigeonholed, that has never been more contemporary than it is today. Our modular system has now proven itself for many years and continues to offer a variety of solutions in the form of modular changes and size modifications. Various adjustment options also allow technicians to adapt the orthoses to the anatomical needs of their patients. Alternatively our INDIVIDUAL joints allow technicians to craft customized products for their patients.