Orthoses and bandages from albrecht - together for a life in motion

Rehabilitation can mean healing of traumatized structures, both post-surgically and conservatively. Rehabilitation also means dealing with new situations and adapting to new circumstances. Orthoses and bandages from albrecht support this adjustment process to enable a life in motion.

Functional rehabilitation has many faces. The recreational athlete after a snowboarding accident. The child falling off a swing. The osteoporotic grandfather. The stroke patient. A herniated disc after heavy lifting. The golfer with chronic knee pain. Injury of the posterior cruciate ligament after the skiing holiday. A stroke before birth.

In a constant search for innovation and scientific advancement, we continuously strive for improvement. We have been working closely with physicians, therapists and technicians since 1995. Interdisciplinary cooperation is becoming more and more crucial to provide rehabilitation at the highest level.

Together – for a life in motion

Our devices: orthoses and bandages

Orthoses and bandages are orthopedic devices that aim at supporting the body from the outside. The goal of orthopedic devices varies depending on the indication. After surgical interventions, for example, an orthosis can take on a restricting and supporting function, so that controlled movement is possible. Orthoses can also have a function-supporting and therapy-supplementing effect if the muscle activity is too low or too high.


Orthopedics detects and treats congenital and acquired diseases of the musculoskeletal system. the focus lies on bones as well as on muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia. Common orthopedic issues are torn ligaments and degenerative diseases of the spine such as osteoporosis. Therapy distinguishes between conservative treatment and surgical intervention. Orthoses and bandages can be used in both cases, for example in the conservative healing of a cruciate ligament tear or in the follow-up care of a surgical intervention.


In neurology, the functions and diseases of the nervous system are addressed. The nervous system consists of the brain and the central and peripheral nervous systems. Muscles also fall into this specialisation as muscles are controlled via the nervous system. In case of an impairment of the muscles due to a neurological indication, the muscle tone can be too high or too low. In the event of excessive muscle activity, orthoses and bandages can be used for therapy, and if muscle activity is too low, they can be used as functional support. Our devices for neurological rehabilitation are summarized in our NEURO series.


The medical field of pediatrics focuses on the development of children and the treatment of their illnesses. It thus covers the spectrum of all medical disciplines. In addition to general paediatrics, other specializations, such as neuro-pediatrics, are common. Orthoses and bandages can support children in developing a more stable musculoskeletal system, especially as they are growing and train motor processes. Since the small patients are particularly important to us, our JUNIOR series offers many options for the optimal care of children and young adults.

People do not come in S, M, L, XL

People do not come in S, M, L, XL - this sentence has accompanied us for a long time. To enable the best possible fit for all needs, our INDIVIDUAL joints complement our proven modular system. Technicians have the opportunity to produce customized products for their patients. Especially in the fields of neurology and paediatrics, patients often benefit from customized devices.

Orthoses and bandages made in Germany

We are at home by the so-called Bavarian Sea, Lake Chiemsee, in Bernau am Chiemsee since 2019. Here you will find our product development and production with in-house sewing department, as well as our administration and our customer service. We work with local suppliers to control the quality of our materials and to act flexibly even in times of crisis. In addition to the quality aspects, it is also particularly important to us to promote sustainable and socially responsible entrepreneurship.

Interdisciplinary collaboration

Functional rehabilitation is a matter of the heart. What counts here is the cooperation between different disciplines and professional groups. As part of a holistic rehabilitation plan, patients must be in the centre. Orthopedic technology supports doctors and therapists on the way to united success. Cooperation at eye level has become so important to us that we have included it in our corporate philosophy.

Together – for a life in motion