albrecht - together for a life in motion

Since 1995, albrecht has pursued the goal of promoting functional rehabilitation. Stabilization instead of stiffening. Stretching instead of shortening. Progress instead of regress. For a life in motion.

In close cooperation with physicians, therapists and technicians, we develop innovative devices for functional rehabilitation.

Together for a life in motion.


Stagnation means regress. According to this guiding principle, we constantly drive innovation forward. Both in technology and in science. To enable optimal care, we work together with experienced doctors, therapists and technicians. Central points for us are the cooperation with science and with users. Our orthopaedic devices support healing processes, improve quality of life and reduce limitations. All of our innovations are created with these thoughts in mind.

Customer orientation

We believe in an integrated therapy process. With this in mind, we strive for the best care for the patient and the best support for the therapy team. We aim for pragmatism and are always resourceful when it comes to size modifications and modular changes.


For us, sustainability means taking responsibility. We live ecological sustainability and socially responsible entrepreneurship. We produce energy-efficiently and strive to reduce waste products in production as well as in our packaging.


Patient satisfaction is based on high quality standards and flexibility. Having our manufacturing department locally enables us to implement high quality standards. Due to long-term relationships with our regional suppliers, we are able to demonstrate a high degree of flexibility in production. We work with tested materials to guarantee that our products are skin-friendly.

Our logo

In 2019 we decided to introduce our new logo. The broken branch represents an injured structure. The green leaf growing out of the branch symbolizes the growth of healthy structures. With our devices, we want to contribute to this healthy growth to enable patients to live a life in motion.

Our color

Green symbolizes growth and awakening, vitality and personal passions. Green is life-affirming, a beacon of hope. Green is the color of nature. As such, it is often overlooked and taken for granted. Just like we take our health for granted until it is not. In these moments we offer support.

The focus is on the patients

We see the patients as the focal point of our work. We strive for advancement and innovation in our devices and in cooperation during therapy. The situations we find ourselves in are as individual as we are. Each of our devices also represents a person. A person who needs support. Together with the therapy team, we want to offer the best possible care to enable functional rehabilitation.

albrecht - from Bernau to the world

Together with international partners, we sell our devices in over 20 countries. We focus on developing long-term partnerships, with which we can ensure excellent care for patients. We also engage in scientific cooperation on an international level and promote the transfer of knowledge.